Rose McGowan alleged on Thursday that Facebook deactivated her account ahead of her response to the final presidential debate.

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They probably used their 'Predictive AI' which determined she was about to flip & become a Trump supporter!!! Her search history probably showed her looking up Joe's Tax plan!!!!?


It's absolutely clear: if you vote (Biden/) Harris in November, fascistbook and twatter can continue the way they are behaving now, and most likely they will become "arbiters of truth" - hell, a Dem has even said already that he's fine about that. So, vote Dems in 2020 and find yourself in a totalitarian America that doesn't resemble the country you know by 2040 - it will most likely be as free the Soviet Union was by 1940. The "liberals" are going to take your democracy down, because it is "white patriarchy" or whatever... And if the US goes down the drains, so does the rest of the Western world.

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