Dr. Anthony Fauci is head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). He's made numerous contributions to research and the treatment of various immune-mediated and infectious diseases.

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Anthony Fauci is a traitor animal torturer child rapists one of Epstein main members i want this guy assassinated and his head to appear on the white house lawn on a stick for the world to see this sick bastard needs be tortured to death just like hes done to so many living things on this planet


Anthony Fauci is a sadistic narcissist who was responsible for the HIV/AIDS virus escaping California and affecting the entire planet. Round two of doctor doom brings coronavirus - mask mandates - Fauci co-authored a book on the Spanish Flu wherein the book stated plainly that more people died of bacterial pneumonia than died of the flu (masks?). Now we're finding out he lied about funding bio-weapon research, and approved cruelty to animals on at least one 'off shore' incident involving beagles, and today we hear about psychological experiments on monkeys. What does ANY of that have to do with improving the health of American citizens? Fauci is clearly a sociopath and needs to be investigated, charged, tried, and held accountable for crimes against humanity for his involvement in MANY 'questionable events' THROUGHOUT his career.


Fauci killed thousands suffering from AIDS with a crap medicine, just like these covid jabs. He did very little actual research himself. The lab teams he managed did it all and he put his name on it.

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