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Big game hunt photos have led to several viral stories – from the dentist who killed Cecil the lion to a young trophy hunter who was dubbed, “White American Savage” for killing a giraffe. Tess Thompson Talley, who was seen in the viral giraffe photo, later told outlets she had no regrets and would continue to hunt.

Interesting to have two legitimate and legal hunts included with Cecil's killing. Cecil was lured from his reserve in a disgusting and notably illegal killing, no better than luring a human-friendly deer to its death.

I have to consider the idea of human-friendly wild animals. Who is punished more by these killings? Is it the wild animals which lose the human-trusting members of their species, or is it the humans who break the respect and lose their natural bond with nature? Are some humans doing the animals a favor by culling those which do not properly assess danger and push notions akin to #notallhumans?

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