We understand why you’re uncomfortable in this new world of office politics. But please continue braving those nerves to talk with us, meet with us, and mentor us - just as you would male colleagues.

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Lolz. You made your bed, now it's time to lie in it.


Sorry. Not worth it. Next.


One of the skills needed to run a successful business is the ability to perform risk and benefit analysis. Women are now increasingly on the wrong side of that equation.


> “It’s an unintended consequence of the movement, which could set both men and women back to the wrong outcome ”

Not could. it already has. The damage is already done.

> “The environment is becoming sterile and completely unenjoyable to work in,”

Again: not becoming. Already is.

> “Strangely, it’s men who aren’t doing anything wrong who are feeling needlessly nervous,”

Not strange at all if you don't lie to yourself about the prevalence of false accusations. Like you did just a few sentences later

But most importantly: Blog posts like this won't change that. Feminism has – almost – destroyed society. Not much time left to turn the tide.

> “We need to work together more now than ever.”

NO — you made your bed now lay in it.

#MGTOW #mra #Feminism #MeToo

PS: @a It seems that the site adds a random number to the end the URL as a kind of Dissenter counter measure.


I was told women can do anything a man can do. And better. And in high heels. There was no mention of needing mentoring. I suggest the women exercise equality and just start being better than men. They are, arent they?

Also, what if a man switches to masculine presenting trans lesbian? Do they still have to mentor?

And which males are getting "mentoring"? Every job I have had had been "hey! Get better or get out, shit bag!" "Work late if you have to, I don't care about your personal life". "Stop being a pussy and work harder". Is that mentoring? If so, I guess I can get behind mentoring women. I will gladly mentor women. As long as they want equality. But if they want special treatment, I am out.


"We need to work together more now than ever" Oh no you dont. There is no "we" in needing to fix this, the only way you can argue men had any fault in this is that they allowed women to vote and by extension let themselves into the work place.

If you want to keep those rights start taking responsibility. Im not holding my breath though


Getting a taste of cancerous female nature is bittersweet for a man. Women in the workplace can look forward to scrutiny from all sides. When you become a fucking liability to BE around.

Not to worry though, multiculturalism is lying in wait for many more bastards to be born.


I have 30 years experience in my chosen good paying technical field. I will gladly have dinner with a male coworker and talk shop and share the ins and outs of the job. You won’t catch me doing this with a female. With females it’s “hello how are you and then good-by see you later”.


Sad this rotten group of mentally ill tomatoes have made it impossible for real women to get a decent job.


Broads have become too much of a liability for employers.

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