Around 100 students walked out of West Linn High School in Oregon last week in protest of the school’s decision to allow a Chick-fil-A food truck to sell chicken sandwiches during one of the school’s football games, among other microaggressions they said were making LGBT students feel “unsafe.” “West Linn High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance organized […]

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Wow, go sit in your single mothers basement and cry.


The Rainbow Mafia needs to stop trying to make everyone approve their existence. You're an accepted member of society now, eat the micro aggression.


Christophobia needs to stop. These students are trying to shame Chick-fil-A and their customers for their culture, faith, and heritage, and it's evil.


Oregon Students triggered by Chick-Fil-A truck: Lots of luck in the real world.


You could always protest censorship by the Chinese government, stand with the Hong Kong protestors, call for better infrastructure and more ADA-compliant buildings and sidewalks, call for better measures for street safety, or even better yet, talk about how broken the public education system is.

But instead, you decided to do a protest over a food truck run by a restaurant that serves chicken sandwiches.

What a wonderful use of time. People definitely won't look back at stuff like this and laugh at how stupid it was.

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