It also tells teachers not to question a child who says they want to transition to live as a boy or a girl - and instead ask for their new name and pronouns.

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Just to be clear, if they attempted to do this to my 4 year old child, I would be hunting them down and people's body parts would be falling off.


This is insanity. The state is NOT the parents. They have no authority over my children to allow anything to happen to my children or involving my children without my knowledge and permission.

Parents STOP allowing them to act like they have authority!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been going on too long. At first it started with contraception and abortions. Now the government is saying we will allow your children to live an entirely different life at school and we aren't going to notify you about anything. What? Pull your kids from these schools, protest, whatever. There is no better time to be inconvenienced than now.

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