The raw horror you are seeing in the photograph is the very last moment on earth of a Jewish family, teetering on the edge of a death pit as Nazi executioners with rifles fire from behind.

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Strange how there is apparently smoke in the execution photo when smokeless gunpowder was invented in 1884. The photo looks more like something the communists might have created for propaganda with the smoke just for effect. Remarkably few corpses of executed victims in that huge grave, perhaps the propaganda team could not afford to lay on enough sandwiches to tempt the partisans on their lunch hour.


Now that biden and his banker's mob have stolen victory from those pesky "White supremacists" the ((( banker ))) owned media can get back to it's regular programming of 50 nazi/holocaust articles per week.

From the comments:
"...this should haunt us and shame us"

Who the fuck is "us"?
Oh yeah I forgot, white people are to blame for everything now, unless they are ashkenazim of course, then they can do whatever the fuck they want including playing victim for another 70 years while they work in the shadows to bring everything down in the name of the third temple.

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