Grieving family members of men, women and children who are sexually assaulted and then murdered would not be able to name the victims or the criminals under new gag laws.

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"One of the victims who was impacted by the law previously told Daily Mail Australia she felt like the ruling was a 'genuinely masterful job at gaslighting survivors'."

ME: "You keep using this word, 'gaslighting.' I don't think this word means what you think it means."


I would suggest to you that any good-looking 25 year old white woman that is "homeless" is either:

1) a drug addict 2) mentally ill, or 3) slumming

In the first two cases, the policies of leftists and other de-institutionalists are to blame.

In the third case, progressivism is to blame.

No matter which case, we'd be frankly better off if our white Western nations were run by mullahs, than by the degenerate progressives who have "liberated" women so that they can be raped and killed in public parks.


Murderers, rapists, molesters, and assaulters have a right to conduct their business in privacy. Just like the rest of us. After all how would you like it if someone was publishing every little thing you did on your job? Or leisure time? Publishing the deaths of these people did nothing to protect the subsequent deaths. Another big advantage of not publishing the details is that it makes it easier for government to adjust statistics that may be troubling to the public. For example lets say there were 20 rapes last week. The government could adjust those to any category they like- disorderly conduct, public nuisance, shop lifting, etc. the possibilities are endless. Progressive politics at its best!!! Btw I have a bridge for sale.


Soros has taken over Victoria in a world government pilot project called "The Safe Cities Network". They have defunded the police and replaced them with a privatized force that will concentrate on "racism" and "hate speech" and thought crime.

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