Jake Gardner, a 38-year-old Marine, was found dead Sunday in a suspected suicide; the day he was due to turn himself in to face manslaughter charges over the death of a black man.

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Bullshit, Daily Mail.

They can make up any shit they want now that he's dead and can't contradict them.

This Marine was defending himself, his family, and his property.

Left-wing, George Soros prosecutors threw the fucking book at him to deter any other normal person from defending himself against the communist faggot mob, and it pushed this Marine over the fucking edge.

Democrats can all burn in hell for what they are doing to people.



Media will give zero coverage because it was a hard-working, White man, and goes against the narrative.

NEVER give the MSMS a dime. They deserve to die. Fucking awful!


Jake Gardner didn't kill himself.


The daily fail lies again, slanders a dead veteran.

The mainstream media IS THE ENEMY and until we deal with this, we have no hope of overcoming this marxist takeover.


And by "protester" they mean murderous attacker that jumped on the the victims back after he had been knocked to the ground by two other "mostly peaceful protesters" and was in the process of choking him to death for being white. Just more anti-white racism from the Daily Mail in an attempt to try and influence our elections.

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