Reset 2020 was held at the Darwin Ski Club on Saturday and featured acts such as Shannon Noll, The Angels and The SuperJesus.

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How is that "Darwin" you socialist fucks? I'm betting absolutely no one gets sick from Fake-o-virus at this event but the government will still lie about it.


Darwin? mini leftist tyrants. I don't mind using the mask, i'm just emotionless at this point to care either way (either way! CCP have us by the balls which is way worse of a problem. I understand every fuckers desire to be hating on these mini far-left tyrants at the same time though. I always wore gloves in stores, got one of those foot fungus things on my hands one time using a shopping trolley, gross. I was already strapping before all this went down cause i got foot fungus on me


Daily Fail still setting the bar very low in terms of journalism.

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