The 71-year-old sat down with Good Morning America to reveal he could no longer hide his health struggles and that he is on a 'whole host' of medication to treat his nerve pain.

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I thought everyone knew this decades ago.


It's not easy, but it can be good to let the world know. Not in my case, but I've seen it help others. The amazing thing is the love of strangers. Strangers lack a spiritual or psychological history with the ill, or in the case of a celebrity, they have a generally positive attitude.

My family thinks that I'm a genius, so they think that I'm so smart that I'll be able to "figure it out." Ozzy's family is probably the same way, in that they think he's so "special" that he will find a way to get better.

Also, I wouldn't wish my "genius" on anyone. I'm not smart. I'm a mutant. I'm miserable. This poor guy would probably be the same, but he found a way to make money off of his curse.


So sad. Have loved his music since I was a kid.


Oooozzy Oooozborded annnooonces heeeze got Alllzheimies. Whaa the yeah never suhaw it cooming.

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