Bhasha Mukherjee, 23, was approached by Miss Luxembourg, Melanie Heynsbroek, 20, during rehearsals for the world famous pageant in London last week because her wrist was painful.

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  1. She’s the kind of doctor I’d like some personal attention from! 😘

  2. In all seriousness, Dr. Mukherjee should be proud of herself for finding what other doctors didn’t.

  3. This flowery writeup about this event is obviously not a news piece but a promotional piece to promote Dr. Mukherjee. In other words, propaganda. While I wish Dr. Mukherjee well in her endeavors, she and Daily Mail should be better than using a human interest story as a promotional tool.


'Britain's' 'Miss World hopeful'.... 'Bhasha Mukherjee' .... makes me wanna puke

Edit: Ugh, I've got the faggot following me around voting me down... fucking creep. This is why you need accounts private. Check the Dissents about this weirdo

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'Britain's' 'Miss World hopeful'.... 'Bhasha Mukherjee' .... makes me wanna puke

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