Two aides who were on President Donald Trump's July 25 phone call to the president of Ukraine kick off a week of impeachment testimony with nine officials scheduled to testify this week.

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Soy face. I'm a vegan and a military veteran, so I'm allowed to call him that liberals.

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2019-28-Tu 07:28:00 pm

Soy face.


News flash - Trump was trying to get Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden via Rudy Giuliani. Hunter Biden is not running for office. Furthermore, this all started in the wake of the Muller investigation, long before Joe Biden announced his candidacy.


PATHETIC LIMP WRISTED DAILY MAIL is getting excited over a FAKE WHISTLEBLOWER who is really a CIA SPY - we see how excited you are at this travesty of justice and know that you and many others ARE THE ENEMY OF FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE EVERY WHERE. /SPIT ON DAILY MAIL


"purple heart" recipient Vindman? Yeah? What did he do to deserve that? Did he maybe put Obama's dik in his mouth for it?


"We need to protect the whistleblower" but those low level employees at ABC who may have leaked a tape of a talking head discussing her Epstein coverage that was squashed - they need to be fired and shamed in public. Yeah ok hypocrites

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