Attorney General William Barr, the nation's top prosecutor, made the remarks in a speech to conservative lawyers who gathered in Washington, DC, on Friday for a conference.

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They've been sabotaging since inauguration day.


These are not resisters, they are traitors and enemies of the United States who will do ANYTHING to gain power and keep it. They are lawless and dangerous and need to be confronted and taken out.


"The investigation centers on whether Trump’s push for Ukrainian officials to investigate his political rivals amounted to an abuse of power, a charge he and Republicans vigorously deny."

But trying to impeach a president the Democrats can't beat in 2020 is not abuse of power? All Democrats in Congress need to be under arrest.


"In chilling detail, ousted US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch described to Trump impeachment investigators on Friday how she felt threatened upon learning that Trump had promised Ukraine’s leader she was ‘going to go through some things.’"

Nobody believes this bitch was in any danger. The only people that murder their rivals are Democrats. The bitch had no first-hand knowledge of anything, everything she had was from other sources. She never talked with Trump.


The shit show has gone on since Trumps inauguration.


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