Brian Kilmeade 'got it all wrong,' the president said on Twitter. He also claimed Kurds in northern Syria 'may be releasing some' ISIS fighters from prisons on purpose in order to draw the U.S. back in.

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Now the masks come off. We can truly see who is the war monger amongst the fake news media. ABC news just reported a video of nighttime gunfire at a shooting range from 2017 as supposed Turks shooting at Kurds recently. Total fake. The Globalist's want our soldiers to do their bidding and President Trump will have none of it! God Bless you sir. Thank God for President Trump.


The neocons, dems and warhawks are all mad that American boys aren't dying for dirtbags in some god forsaken shithole on the otherside of the planet. I'm former Navy, and I say let them kill each other. They aren't worth a single American.

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