Levi Blackshaw, 11, was allegedly left naked and wet in the playground on a cold afternoon at Stanley School in Pensby, Wirral on October 30 last year, claims his mother.

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The fact that the mother smashed up the classroom, that social workers had to be called & that she had to be removed from the school tells me all I need to know about why her kid has behavioural problems. It's not all because of Down Syndrome. It's also what he learns at home. No doubt his endearing mother has the same approach to everything in life. From the sound of it, he kids acts that out in school. He's probably also violent towards other kids. It's all he knows. Can't & don't blame him for it. But I would rather wait till the investigation is over before calling for the lynching of the teachers over it.


Gosh, if retarded dykes have children they're just as retarded, who knew?

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