PC Jessica Voiels (pictured) raced to the River Irwell in Manchester to try and save 11-month-old Zakari Bennett.

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She might be in the wrong job if she gets so upset by thirsty boys on twitter that her reaction to corny remarks was to delete her account. However if her reaction was more along the lines of "This twitter is full of fucking wankers, and is a waste of my time, fuck you Jack and your lame social media rules!".. then considering her service record she's probably a decent copper.

The article does try to imply that she deleted the account after she became disgusted by sexist messages, but it doesn't actually say that SHE was disgusted, its the journalist that describes the messages as disgusting.


When did women become such wimpy babies that cant stand a few trolls online? its like theyve never been on the net before


Zakari William Bennett-Eko murdered by his father Zak Eko a mixed race thug, props to the plod for trying to save him poor soul.


Look out dirty Harry these cops are intimidating!🙄


Well... she didn't save the baby, did she?

And she's tarted up like a TwitchTHOT, so it's clear she wouldn't break a nail to save a baby in the first place.

Ladycops are useless, but if we have to have them, they should be the ruggedest bulldykes on the face of the fucking earth.


The only way this chick could arrest anyone is if they let her do it. They dont get a lot of mainstream attention, for obvious reasons, but Im reminded of the videos of tiny, useless female cops over in Britain getting their asses kicked by black men twice their size while dozens of other black men look on and laugh, filming it all.

She should quit, get married, and have kids. Quit wasting taxpayer dollars at a job she cannot possibly perform.

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