Katie Kedward, 28, from Leeds, was on a walking tour in the Dales when she chanced upon the Morris dancers in blackface taking part in a four-day festival in the town of Settle.

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So Islamic culture is protected by law but indigenous British culture is superseded by law. Why can't the British (real Brits) wake up and see that their countries and history are being stolen from them?


Just search on the internet for evidence of Katie Kedward.. there's a bit of a "green" political activism and links to "Open" societies. I suspect she is an authoritarian with Soros links. Which matches with her response to project her own interpretation on someone else's appearance, her choice to take offence at what she had projected upon these other people, and to complain to an institutional authority to get them to prevent someone else continuing to express themselves in a way that she had chosen to take offence to because of what she had projected onto their appearance.


try learning about morris dancing before you ass hats complain about british culture

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