George Takei, 82, tweeted on Thursday: 'It is sad that there is so much outrage vented toward [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and [Taylor Swift] for speaking out on behalf of others.

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He must be going senile, bless. Has he forgotten that it was under the orders of the Democrats headed by FDR, that he and the others were interred in these camps? Odd for him to support AOC's mad ramblings rather than call out the Dem's hypocritical BS.


Never listen to a disgusting homo freaks like Takei. Homos have higher rates of mental illness than Straight people.


Perhaps he was abused in those camps. Homosexuality and other deviance is often the result of abuse during formative years. As for the detention of illegals, 1) It is the rule of law; they broke the law when entering illegally; 2) Obama did the same.

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