EXCLUSIVE: Malik Faisal Akram, 44, from Blackburn, Lancashire, was branded a 'menace' for raving about the attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001.

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Too bad he is dead. We could have offered him a 'WTC' experience, dropping him from a plane to hit the pavement below.

We should have a law that when a person in prison for their crimes has someone on the outside taking hostages for their release we should take the prisoner out into the prison courtyard and broadcast their execution. Give the terrorists 5 minutes to surrender, then execute. Why should we cover 86 years in prison?


Yeah we are sure checking those people who enter our country. Thanks Joey.

[Akram had a long criminal record and asked how he was able to enter the United States]


Save it this was done deliberately. It's probably going to have the Washington D.C., cabal, wringing hands crying about more anti Semitic laws, instead of shoring up the border laws. Did he have a gun? I wouldn't be surprised, if he did who gave him one? A question for "Homeland" Security, how's that white supremacist terrorist war working out? As if there are anyone in the deep state, there, to know. Even with them spying on all of us, I'm presuming that the law of diminishing returns are starting to kick in.


Cue the FBI informant fals flag scam.


PLUS the 2 million unknown people who entered the United States across the Mexican border in the past 12 months alone. Biden and his Democratic-communist administration literally do not know who they are and do not care how many Americans they rape, rob, murder, and infect with Covid and other unknown infectious diseases.

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