A 41-year-old NH man has confessed to killing his 22-year-old wife in VT following an argument in a small bus they had converted into a living and traveling space, according to police.

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A tattoo artist, and a registered nurse; talk about odd couple. Wonder how they hooked up, was she a customer of his, or was he hers?


Joseph told police that he and his wife were arguing in their camper when she began punching and kicking him before laying on the bed. About five to ten minutes after the argument ended, Joseph grabbed a handgun, 'jumped on top of her' and shot Emily twice in the head, according to the affidavit.

He couldn't cool down after 5 to 10 minutes? C'mon!

I never liked news reporting writing because the writers load their stories with cause and effects errors.

Joseph and his wife argued. They laid down together. She punched and kicked him. They stopped arguing! 5 to 10 minutes goes by... Joseph grabbed a handgun, jumped on top of her and put two rounds into her head.

It must have been real bloody mess in there. What an asshole. No woman's child behavior is worth taking her life. A real man would maintained his composure and not compromised his argued position. If she walked out of the marriage and was never to been seen again... Oh well. But killing her? He's so fucked and she got the best of him with a twin edged sword.

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