The rules apply to Southwest employees who have applied for but not yet received a religious or medical exemption.

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Who are the Daily Mail and Southwest Airlines trying to kid? If refusing the jab means you have to wear a mask and stand a long way, it's coercion of employees by a different route. Moreover, it's the Daily Mail's job to point that out to readers. It has evaded that duty (that is, if it occurred to its journalists in the first place).


So enjoy your many hour flight, trying to suck air through a useless face diaper, just to get to where you're trying to go, and the very long walk to your next flight that's inconveniently on the other side of a huge International Airport, still trying to suck air through your CO2 intensifying rag you're forced to endure because some FJB insane mandate, rather than being escorted out of the airport by security, and not allowed to reenter. Enjoy.


"Okay, okay. We'll only infringe on your rights a little if you come back to work."

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