Legendary Star Trek actor William Shatner is set to become the oldest man ever in space as part of the second crew to travel with Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin.

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The atmospheric vehicle launches. Fire and thrust jolt it upward. After few minutes William notices that the rocket is curving as opposed to going straight outward.

William: Hey, Jeff why are we leveling out and not going further outward.

Jeff: Because if we go any further we'll collide with firmament and explode.

William: What? A firmament! What's that?

Jeff: Didn't read the contract before taking the trip?

William: Uh, no. I just signed it.

Jeff: The earth is flat you idiot. The contract is a non disclosure to keep it under wraps. Look out side the window.

William looks outside from inside the atmospheric vehicle and scratches his head. "What I am looking for"?

Jeff: The horizon dummy. Its at eye level. Do you see a curvature?

William: Damn you're right. There's isn't any.

Jeff: We need to get fish eye lens ready on the cameras and get a bunch of photos. It'll bend the horizon and creating a curve. Then we show the public and tell them we visited space.

And now you know the rest of the story!!


Can they continue on to go to where no man's gone before?

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