RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: People should be allowed to choose their race as well as their gender, according to a college lecturers' union.

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Why not? We've had 30 year old illegal immigrants in Calais self identifying as unaccompanied children to get into Britain, and that man who self identified as a child to win a school sports day against 12 year old Swedish children.. so yeah, self identify as whatever you like and if you get accused of fraud you can accuse your accuser of being a hate criming nazi!!!


The march to equality continues. Oh well play the game by thier rules if they accuse you of racism say did you just assume my race?


Add age and nation of origin to that list.
Image being an unemployed 60 year old white American male with no future one day and a 17 year old black female immigrant from Somalia with a bright future the next day.
With all of the programs that will give you support as a black, female and immigrant who wouldn't want to be trans.

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