A male strip-club performer convicted of sexually assaulting a woman who paid him for a lap dance should get a new trial because the judge relied on stereotypes of how women behave, Ontario's top court ruled on Thursday.

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Feminist judges should be hung


“After the dance, OI texted a friend wondering what to tell her boyfriend. She also said she was worried her father, a police officer, would be furious, court heard.”

So the classic one. Woman does something naughty, regrets if afterwards but instead of owning up to her mistakes falsely accuses man involved — who did nothing wrong.

Anyway, save yourself, go #MGTOW and don't do private lab dances (40 CAN$ isn't worth the hassle).

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoIju5a87yQ

“It’s a tough world when a male stripper gets convicted of a crime for doing his job.”

#MensRights #mgtow #justice


"Common sense" regarding female behavior? They often behave far worse than males do. Women rely on this false image that they are all wholesome and would never do anything untoward to a male in a highly sexual situation she put herself in.


Sluts gone wild.

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