For the better part of the last four decades, George F. Will has been at the intellectual center of American conservatism. Now he is calling for a full-blown rout of the Republican Party at the ballot box in November.

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"As if to prove Will's point, Senate Republicans raced to defend Trump's "law and order" speech on Monday night and his decision to clear out protesters from in front of the White House so that he could stroll across H Street to hold up a Bible in front of St. John's Church."

Uh, who supports looting and pillaging? Let's get that on the table so we can see where people stand.

The same people who said Trump was hiding are now pissed he strolled down the street in the middle of their riot to look at the damage they have done.

Isn't defacing a church a hate crime? Where are the Democrats in dealing with the blatant racism and hate coming from their pillagers?

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