Chuck Schumer says President Trump has "sold out" by agreeing to a limited trade agreement with China.

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Oh Chuckie - you and your comrades are SO IRRELEVANT. Funny that you are not standing by Nan's side during this impeachment circus - don't want to get the crazy taint on ya? TOO LATE!


Hey everyone this just in orange man bad! Orange man bad. More orange man bad. Hey impeach orange man. Resist orange man! Who gives two shits what Scumer says... or any urnalists for that matter.


Another conflicted rep that is too busy being a dual citizen more concerned with Israel than the USA. Personally no one with dual interests should be allowed to represent the USA period Israeli, Austrailian or whatever it may be if they are not totally loyal to the USA and only the USA what the fuck good are they to us as Americans? I mean really and Schumer here in my book would be the first among many being forced right out on their fucking worthless asses!

Why is it that the Jewish/Israeli reps chair most positions in D.C.? How is that representing the rest of the Americans without Jewish concerns? Why does such a small percentage of the pop. get to have such overwhelming say? If it were this way and they were Mormon, or Muslim there would be outcry! But because it's Jewish Israeli well they shut their mouths! Fuck that! I have no reason to shut my mouth! My father was a jew and I can tell you that any small group has no biz running so many programs with the buck stops here hammer! I don't care if it's Jesus Christ take the fucking hammer and make it equal or it's no good for any one but the fucking Jews!


STFU Schoomee! You're so far out of your depth you just need to retire and GTFO! #fuckwit

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