Disney+, which is poised to be Netflix's biggest competitor, will launch on Tuesday.

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I checked Dumbo 1941, not Dumbo 2019 to see if they messed around with it on Disney+ with the "Jim Crow" character like the news talked about, and I asssumed that it was the crows, and the crows scene from Dumbo 1941 is still intact because the crows show Dumbo how to fly. Why did the news have to bait and switch me like that? Out of respect for African Americans, I totally understand why Disney would make a move like that. Did they mean the 2019 version instead? Because of how my brain functions, and my upbringing, I consistently gravitate towards the cartoons instead of the live action.

I checked http://JustWatch.com on Disney+. It's mostly Disney titles. Not a lot of Fox titles. Also scrolling down the list, I'm astonished as to how many of these movies I viewed as a kid. My generation only seemed to want Disney product. Time to give another studio a try.

From what I've gathered, Disney+ is supposed to be a more family friendly streaming service, meaning that Ed Wood won't be on there. Anything more decidedly adult Disney may put on Hulu. Also, Shirley Temple is not on there.

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