"You always wanted to show losses for tax purposes.... almost all real estate developers did – and often re-negotiate with banks, it was sport," Trump tweets.

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It's not how well someone does, it is how well they can recover from disaster. Our President has experienced how to turn his personal finances around. That experience is helping him help our Country turn its financial situation around. #IStandWithTrump


And there are zero comments from the press about the massive debt our politicians have saddled our nation with.

And they attack the one person that is trying to right the ship of state.

We have zero trust in career politicians and hack “journalists”.

By showing these glaring and absurd double standards, this non story will only galvanize support for President Trump.


have noticed in stories like this that the writer refuses to look at the whole picture industry wide .


OK...who is over 45 didn't know POTUS filed bankruptcy in 1992 (or the 90s)? This isn't news. I swear, the commie propaganda keeps rehashing the same old crap with new headlines. Before the 2016 election, propaganda news talked about Trump's biz bankruptcies in the 90s and after he was elected. When are they going to parade Stormy Daniels out again to "take down Trump's presidency?"


Who cares? The people2 elected Trump to deal with the corruption in government, not because of his tax returns.


More MSM Shit posting. Yawn Learn how highstakes business work. What about Zuckerface and Beezos losing billions in a single day!??? Morons.

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