A professor at Concordia University Texas has told her students to stop doing their coursework because she will be giving every student an A this semester due to the Chinese virus.

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So basically this dolt has decided to just give out a top grade to everyone, no matter if they are failing or not. The course is worthless and should not be counted toward degree completion. And McIntosh is abdicating responsibility. Based on current work a grade can be determined 'as of this point', and students who are not happy with the grades they can anticipate should be allowed to complete the coursework online. This idea of hers cheapens all grades at CU and insults all students who were hard working and responsible. Once the grades are submitted, fire her.

I support Kalah!

[The report added that not all students are pleased with this decision, such as Kalah Reed, who has already put in the effort to earn a 99 percent in McIntosh’s class.]


If I were a student here I would look into suing the university for charging me money and not providing what was guaranteed... an education.

Useless "A"s from useless assholes.

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