In a recent article, Nate Silver's polling aggregation blog FiveThirtyEight states that tech that was designed to improve the efficiency of caucuses have actually make the process significantly worse, potentially "dooming" caucuses following the Iowa fiasco.

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When you have a contract for a product, and there are (or an intelligent person would think there SHOULD be) specific requirements which are NOT fulfilled, then the product does not meet criteria. No pay coming, either fix it or never get paid.

And if there are problems with the product, and the producer IS AWARE there are problems but gets paid anyway, someone is getting paid for the worthless product; why?

And if you build or buy anything that is not fully tested to the criterion, you are an idiot or there is a scam going on.

OK dems, are you idiots or were you trying to pull a scam?


I’m gonna dissent and say caucuses were terrible for tech. Once again the incompatibility between human interaction and tech application comes to the fore...and once again people wish to eliminate the human nature of elections and replace it with monotonous technology. Eventually someone will realize that humans are messy to deal with, at best, and will decide that the ENTIRE process would be more accurate and simple if we just let the tech make the decisions.


Cauci are undemocratic and that's all there is to it.

They guarantee that only the most dedicated political hardliner junkies are involved in selecting a candidate. AND they are easily manipulated to produce only those results that the State Party machinery has pre-determined.

I cannot forget Colorado's 2016 Republican train wreck in which every Trump supporter in the state was disenfranchised by the state Party machine manipulating the State Convention to ensure that 100% of the delegation going to National were Never Trumpers. They even bragged about it in a tweet.

I don't have a problem with small, minor, insignificant parties such as the Greens, Libertarians, etc. using cauci, but the major Parties need to abandon the practice.


Technology is quickly becoming a bane to humans, not a boon. Change my mind?

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