Reports have begun flooding in of Amazon Ring camera systems being hacked over the past few days, with the hackers hurling racial abuse at owners, interacting with their children, and even demanding ransom payments.

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Never been a fan of internet connected camera doorbells. If you want to get one, make sure you keep it locally to your network


randsome ware has come to doorbells.

yea if your gonna wire your shit to the internet, fucking secure it.

companies are not doing it sooooooooooo, lawsuits?


Yeah IoT is such a great advancement! So secure, so helpful!




demanding ransom payments. work of usual suspect #africansagain!?


Here's how to be the worst parent in the world:

  • Both you and your spouse work and outsource your child's upbringing to daycare
  • Put your child in communist #publicschool where your child is deprived of an education and indoctrinated and potentially abused in other ways
  • Put a camera in the bedroom of a normal child 8 and up, who is at an age where they naturally start to need more privacy
  • Connect the cam to the internet so some creeper can hack into it and spy on your child (bonus: the software has your home address in it so Jeff Bezos can send his traffickers to pick him or her up)

Parents who do any or all of these things don't deserve to be parents. They should sterilize themselves.

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