Joseph Saladino, a Republican congressional candidate in New York's 11th district, is suing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) after she blocked him on Twitter, in response to a recent ruling by a judge stating that President Donald Trump is not allowed to block people on the platform.

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yay Joey Salads to the rescue


Ah, Dems, be careful what you wish for, it'll come back to bite you.


Alexandria Hugo Chavez. Dimwitted, low aptitude moron with no marketable skills. IQ around 85. Arrested development (maturity and intelligence of a puerile adolescent). Dunning-Kruger (she is too stupid to realize how stupid she is). 30 and no career. Never produced a product or service, or solved a problem, and now lives on the backs of taxpayers. Thinks that getting elected means she gets to tell everyone how to live. Narcissistic, self-serving hypocrite. Useless eater.

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