Social media platform Twitter has reportedly temporarily suspended the account of investigative journalism group Project Veritas following its publication of internal documents from Silicon Valley company Pinterest.

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Time for Feds to remove Twitter's protections and hold it accountable for libel as the publisher it is.


This is exactly why the Silicone Tits Valley LGBTQIANCPSJW tech giants are for censorship. They want it so they can get away with anything. They want it so they can control the populace, which is already 50% functionally illiterate anyway, and take away all our rights. While the left cheers censorship because its a temporary short term win for them, the Republic is burning down. I remember during the Iraq War debate, the same MSM and tech companies back then stifled dissent and we were all called unpatriotic and un-American for questioning the village idiot. Now they are at it again in full force. The Federal Government and the courts need to bring the hammer down before we lose it all.


Fuck Breitbart! I'm still not allowed to post comments on their site, despite repeated queries regarding why. Don't you dare preach about censorship unless you're willing to walk the talk.

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