Gov. Charlie Baker (R-MA) is spending $12 million in state taxpayer money to resettle thousands of Afghans across Massachusetts. 

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Charlie Baker is one stupid mother fucker!!!!


ANOTHER cock sucking RINO POS!!!


Take 'em all.


Does this not encourage those who aid us in war to hope that we lose????? Do I have the last functional frontal lobe???


Let me know how that works out for you MASS! Prediction, Rapes, Exploding Welfare, Covid, and some terrorist plots.


Here's a little math... 12 million is numerically 12,000,000

Divide that by the median income (take your pick):

Let's say the median USA income is 35,000 - OR - 50,000

12,000,000 / 35,000 = 342 Afgan families @ an average of 6 people = 2,052 people

12,000,000 / 50,000 = 240 Afgan families @ an average of 6 people = 1,440 people

AVERAGE AFGAN FAMILY: typical = 6 people but some areas are 7.8~8.5 people

So what's my point?

I'd rather see MASS help 240342 American families get through this year of COVID CRAZINESS than import 1,4402,052 people that will NOT join the USA workforce & WILL self segregate & avoid Americans & add NOTHING to the USA of any value.

They will also become dependent on GOV handouts and cost taxpayers MUCH MUCH more in successive years.

Finally - those 240342 Afgan families of 1,4402,052 will eventually spawn their own families of 6~8.5 people each and just keep sucking taxpayers dry.

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