Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday was ripped on Twitter for defending President Biden's comments that cast doubt on the 2022 midterms. 

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Is this sedition?


There was NO 'gaffe'. Democrats have called every election they have lost 'illegitimate' since LONG BEFORE Bush v. Gore - in which Gore won ZERO of the recounts he famously went to court to hold. Democrats ARE the party of fraud and illegitimacy, and so they project that onto 'everybody else' who is winning (in this case it's republicant's), and the news media (breitbart included at this point) carries their water for them. Biden LOST the election. There is NO WAY he garnered more votes than Obama, no way. This was no gaffe, it is democrat election strategy...fraud and recounts until you win. Just say no...send them ALL home.

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