President Joe Biden launched a website to order free coronavirus tests, but people who live in apartments were blocked from ordering. 

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You don't need a test unless you are sick....not sick in the head.


I remember when they spent a Billion on the Obama Care website that didn't work. People that are NOT sick don't need a test.


More incompetence from the Biden WH !


Like all other ideas by dems, go for the optics and have to clean up the mess later. If ever.

NO testing on their website. No knowledge of the population (and therefore data) is obvious. Either that or the dems are trying to prevent those who do not have enough money to by a single family residence. Dems screw the poor again.



Who would have dare thought government would not screw this tax wasting freebie up, too? 😂

Money and abuse, the 2 things most often used to make people do things. That sums up COVID crisis. Politics 101 - Never waste a crisis. If none, create one.

Obviously, the more crisis the better for the 2 corrupt colluding political parties. With every crisis, it creates new NEWS, new blaming, new tax consuming political meetings, new laws, new or bigger agency, new enforcement, new fines, new arrests, new trials, new incarcerations.

All done to justify more taxation on the dwindling population that are not exempt from taxation and don’t qualify for freebies. Doing so they become poor, joining those not paying tax that consumes taxes. The now red carpet road to Socialism.

Socialism, historically the midpoint to full-on Communism. We are there! More than 50% live as Socialists and like it.

US got here with the name USA and Constitutional Republic in place, with the Constitution, 2nd Amendment and US flag in place, and with about 300 million guns of all kinds in our homes. That is why writers of Constitution warned to act quickly regarding the most dangerous enemy the enemy within government. They added the 2nd Amendment to help Americans to quickly defeat an enemy within that wants to remove the Constitutional Republic, the USA.

Will buying 300 million more guns and elevating the whining save the US, as the Left laugh and the Right colludes using weakness as an excuse. Like we don’t understand that weakness is collusion. Just like in our face collusion and their stealth collusion that got us here. More than half ignorantly for Socialism.

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