Emails revealed a NE board of ed member tapped a Planned Parenthood activist to advise in the drafting of a radical sex ed curriculum.

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Planned Parenthood performs abortions of children of minors. Which means that a minor had sex, which is 'statutory rape' and is a crime. Schools are sending the minor for abortions and not getting permission of parents or informing the police. And the DNA evidence is not preserved. Planned Parenthood is facilitating sexual assaults on minors and sex trafficking. We must put Planned Parenthood out of existence.

PP should NOT be helping to write ANYTHING abut sexuality for children.

[“They, the activists on the other side, are so darn mad they cannot stop us from protecting the culture in Nebraska,” Albrecht told the Free Beacon. “We are going to protect the children. We are going to let the parents know this is happening.”]

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