President Joe Biden said Monday he wanted to get up to 98 percent of Americans vaccinated before the country could go back to normal.

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Never forget the "two weeks to flatten the curve and we go back to normal". They people pulling the strings will never stop taking more as long as we allow it.

There will never be more than about 40 - 50%, which is probably where it's at right now. More than have of us have learned to say no. The strange dreaded disease that isn't a pandemic was never the plague, polio or anything close. Hair sniffer Joe never understood that he works for us and he never will. We have to keep saying no and fuck Joe Biden or this will never end.

Stolen elections have dire consequences.


Can any Democrat even define "normal" anymore???


well they fire everyone they got 90% vax rates in these bureaus. ;p.

if we talking the nation then kids.


Truth. Every time a human dies the remaining humans are safer. When I hear another human in the world has died, I feel safer. Humans got us where we are, not other species. Humans are the biggest threat to humans, to all species. All species feel as I do. Feel safer each time a human dies.


Yes! Eliminate the control group so we can blame the deaths and complications on other causes!

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