Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) and six cosponsors introduced legislation this week that would require colleges and universities to disclose all foreign gifts and contracts. The bill takes aim at universities not reporting gifts from countries like China due to the structure of current reporting requirements.

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It should already be that way?


About time. Notice that while dem(on)s are in power this is ignored.

[The legislation, H.R.3136, would “require American universities to report any and all monetary contracts or gifts from foreign countries and entities, require universities to publicly disclose the names of all foreign donors,” and “require universities to list gift reasons, any gift conditions, and the department, college, or project the money is intended for,” according to a press release.

Currently, U.S. colleges and universities are only required to report foreign gifts that are over $250,000 each year, per Section 117 of the Higher Education Act. Brooks’ Zero Foreign Influence in Education Act would amend Section 117.

The press release also mentions that Section 117 had “historically gone unenforced until the Trump Administration started forcing schools to report,” and that “universities have ignored the law and raked in billions in foreign funds.”]


Why isn't this already standard practice?????

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