On Saturday's broadcast of MSNBC's "AM Joy," Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) stated that Senate Republicans "basically stole" | Clips

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The house Dems stole Trump's first term.


Ginsberg's wishes are NOT American law. Who gives a dang what she wanted, she is no longer a SC justice.

And Amy, that paragraph is so didactic and disjointed you must be spending too much time near Joey Boy Biden.

[...we look to what she wanted in the future (Holds no weight Amylie), and that’s where we have to take our action.]


You lost. You had four fucking years to get over it.


All property is theft, right?



We don't have republican and democrat justices.

We have American justices.

The fact that people can claim that you can "steal" them means the supreme court is fucked up.

There needs to be an amendment to fix it. It it too powerful. Founders didn't put enough checks on its power.


Go eat more salad with your fucking comb.



biden "rule" 1992 split wh and senate no vote. united wh and senate vote.

the reason given by BIDEN was that a split country wh/senate should not be vote because the country is divided and there should be an election for a "united", decision. one could argue that maybe the country wants a moderate compromise. but we know everything is tribal and our team or stfu and die rules.

either way the republicans hold the senate and the white house there is no divided country despite the best efforts of soros and dimocraps around the country and a bunch of psychos and lunatics they using to muckrake and act seditious.

so by bidens "rule" a suggestion, no actual rule exists, but going by his own take there is no reason to stop a nomination.

especially when the dimocraps seem determined to cheat the fuck out of this election via delay and manufacture votes they tested in AZ in 2018. you fucking cocksucking maggots all need to goto jail. and there will be cases before the supreme court election day or day after, you are down a ginsberg no reason at all to hold a fucking thing up scumbags.


Democrats wanted the opposition party to replace Scalia with an opposition judge in the last year of Obama's presidency...they decided not to, and democrats lost their minds. Now democrats want republicans to give the opposition party a chance to replace Ginsburg 'after the election' they're intending to steal (in public, on the record, they're promising violence EITHER WAY...regardless the outcome of the election) In my opinion, any political class promising violence if they don't get what they want should not get what they want until such time as they mature beyond the 'temper tantrum' class of American 'thinker' (term used broadly in this case). Republicans should ignore what democrats are saying now, and use what they said in 2016 against them.

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