Kim Reynolds signed an executive order granting voting rights to those who have served their felony sentences.

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All part of the Commucrat scheme to steal November.


If they can vote, shouldn't they also be allowed to own firearms?


Thats fair tbh. If you've served your time for the crime, imo, we should be a lot more welcoming back into society for these people.


Does not sound like she caved - she has called for the legislature to change the law. And her EO can be challenged in court.

[Reynolds called her executive order a temporary solution and reiterated her call for a “permanent solution” by passing a constitutional amendment.

“Let me be clear: an executive order is, at best, a temporary solution. It can be changed with a stroke of a pen by the next governor, which is not good enough,” the Iowa Republican said. “Something that is fundamentally right should not be based on benevolence of a single elected official. (To be used as a dog biscuit for the mobs)”]

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