House Democrats blocked an amendment to a labor union bill on Thursday that would have prevented illegal immigrants from working with unions.

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Another dem leftist move to get more money from union 'contributions' to their candidates. No way! Not legal to work here, no union no votes - nothing!

[This amendment ensures that labor unions are not using illegal foreign labor to expand their reach into American workplaces & collect more union dues. ... Illegal immigrants should not be working at American companies, let alone used by labor unions to organize workplaces. ... The change we’re proposing here is simple. We’re asking that unions be barred from contacting individuals who are not eligible to work in our country. If an employer cannot hire someone in our country illegally, a union should not be allowed to organize those individuals. Believe it or not, this is not currently outlawed.]


They are illegal aliens, so it's already illegal!


Hey Mitch: Here's another H.R. to sit on. You likely want to know the 5 (R) RatbastarDs who voted for this piece of schiff, commiepinkofag legislation, glad you asked; Brian Fitzpatrick (CD1 PA) (202) 225-4276 John Katko (CD24 NY) (202) 225-3701 Chris Smith (CD4 NJ) (202) 225-3765 Jefferson Van Drew (CR1 NJ) (202) 225-6572 Don Young (AK) (202) 225-5765

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