The Army gave a Special Forces captain with 17 years of service and a Purple Heart only 14 days of notice to separate from the Army.

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Trump needs to fire some US Army officers over this. Drumming the guy out of the military is one thing, but withholding a benefit that he is approved to receive due to combat injuries is outrageous!


Honestly I don't feel sorry for this officer.

If the roles were reversed and he had been an enlisted man fooling around with an officer's wife, he would have been reduced in rank to private and given a bad conduct discharge. The fact he is an officer has already allowed him to get away with too much.


That phrase 'privacy concerns' is thrown around as an excuse to not be responsible for their actions. What would happen if he released them from any obligation of privacy? would they then answer the questions? I doubt it.


Put women and men together in stressful daily do or die situations what could go wrong?

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