Democrats running the show played defense in response to the Republicans in the minority who were aggressive and effective.

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oh heres my impression of the hearing. I talked with staffers who told me what they think pres of ukraine thinks trumps thoughts are.


It's just like the russian collusion phony scandal. Dems have nothing and are again making fools of themselves.


Dunkin Dunk


The reporting my CNN, MSNBC; and yes, FOX; should tell the story about how this dud will be framed.

Chris Wallace has already come out, on a News Stream I reviewed this morning; to call one of the witnesses devastating. I call this term generous. A snoozer, is more like it.

But how else could some success be attributed to this sleeper?

Never the less; remember, DEMs have support from Hollywood and "push" from the media. Here's my prediction for tomorrow and the rest of the scheduled hearing days:

*1. DEMs will keep their messaging simple and direct: *If they had an audience they wanted to reach or a message they wanted to "sell"; neither happened yesterday. Scriptwriters could help with that.

*2. They'll change their line-up; to make the "Shifty's Washington mini-series" more exciting: *This was as supposed to be as much a TV event, as a political one. Most of us turned it off after a few minutes or, like me; had Rush Limbaugh break it down play by play. Hollywood will can help create "impact" moments.

*3. Schiff, himself; will get coached on how to be more interesting: *Right now, he looks like a bug-eyed cousin to Peter Strzok. And, once he starts to shine and put on his mask for the camera; you KNOW he's lying. He needs another "tell".

Wait and see....tomorrow will tell the tale.

As for Jim Jordan; the stress on him is evident. And I wonder where everyone else is. It sounds like he's the only one who showed for work yesterday.

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