The media make white supremacists successful by reacting with outrage and fear, which empowers white supremacism.

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"Two decades after World War II, in the mid-sixties, we were already laughing at the 20th Century’s greatest evil, the Nazis."

Imagine being so cucked you write stuff this bad. The commies were obviously the 20th century's greatest evil. They murdered far more innocents than the Nazis did. The Jewish-led Bolsheviks murdered well over 10 million innocent people before Hitler even came to power.

IN FACT, it was precisely the communist threat, and the concomitant genocide, that made Hitler's rise to power possible; Nazis were fiercely anti-communist. Far more so than Americans at the time, or cuckservatives like Nolte today, for that matter.


Yes, the 70s and 80s were a golden time for controlled media. Anti-white Jews trumpeted their anti-white agenda from every major media outlet. They weren't making "white supremacist extremism" a taboo, they were making any white racial consciousness a taboo. They simultaneously championed non-white racial awareness, racial resentments against white people.

There were only 5 major television networks, with controlled content, and movies made almost entirely by Jewish-controlled studios. The cultural messaging was uniform and ubiquitous, with contrarian and more populist opinions reduced to newsletters and local AM radio.

In the propaganda style of Saul Alinsky the media overwhelmed the public with the same messaging, giving the impression that every sensible and virtuous person believed race was "meaningless." That is to say, meaningless if you are a white person. Any white person who had any sort of white racial awareness, who disagreed with the mainstream script on race, was a "loser."

Throughout the article Nolte demonstrates how the propaganda works by engaging in it himself. He uses the technique of associating any white person with racial awareness with the most repulsive extremes, with NAZIs and Charles Manson and the like.

This is a technique that could be done with any racial group, like associating any Jew with Jewish identity to the communist revolution and the mass murder of millions. But this kind of association isn't for Jews or blacks or Asians or anyone but white people. That's the strategy.

Nolte also gives specific examples of how the propaganda worked, and he heartily approves.

Nolte says that "we" laughed at Archie bunker and not with him. Yes, make the white father figure the old crank, the buffoon, while those around him are hip to the new reality on race, which is that race is meaningless and white people who believe in it are a dying breed. We saw this dozens of times, hundreds of times, thousands of times. For who wants to be the old fat guy in the easy chair with all the uncool prejudices? Appeal to the young and pit them against the old, particularly the familial authority that is the white father figure.

Nolte says:

"But nothing made racism less cool than Mel Brooks’ 1974 masterpiece Blazing Saddles, that pitted two Americans icons — the small-town sheriff (who happened to be black) and the gunfighter (who happened to be Jewish) — against a full spectrum of racism, from everyday townsfolk to government corruption to the Ku Klux Klan..."

No, they didn't "just happen" to be black and Jewish. For decades this has been a commonly used technique by the media, turning the Jewish and the non-white, the "outsiders," into the protagonists who oppose white "bigotry." They snub their nose at, mock, and sometimes violently oppose "everyday" white "townsfolk" and associate them with the most vile examples of white bigotry. The messaging has always been clear on this, have any white racial identity and you are equivalent to Hitler, or at least a willing henchman ready to throw non-whites into gas chambers. If not that, you are a loser who should be socially ostracized as being very "uncool."

Sure, there could be "cool" white protagonists in the media, but these had to undergo a kind of purity test. Nolte even mentions this, once again with approval. The white "hero" was the guy fighting NAZIs, or at the very least virtue signalling against any hint of white racial pride. It was essentially a right of passage for any would-be star in Hollywood to pronounce their worthiness via a holocaust movie, or a NAZI-fighting movie, or something that explicitly denounced "racism." (Again, only white racism is ever really denounced.)

One way to inoculate media from white stars who might go off script from this propaganda (eg Mel Gibson) has been to elevate Jews into superstars. Depending on what you call a "star" you would find Hollywood famous faces to be anywhere from 30% to 50% Jewish, with this peaking in the 1980s and continuing to the present day. Not bad for a people that comprise only 3% of the population!

Now, none of this racial denial is reserved for Jews, who remain, biologically speaking, God's "chosen people." Nor is it reserved for non-white racial groups that would fracture white societies and destroy white institutions, for these groups the messaging has always been to stand up and be proud of your race lest you allow the "white supremacists" to win.



It's time for all of these people to admit their racism, and just embrace it!


We fought for the wrong side in Europe.


Cuckservatives nervous about growing nationalist influence, news @ 11.


"Our culture did the same with Nazis"

"Our culture"? Funny, I didn't think "Nolte" was a Jewish name...


Propaganda pushed by the MSM.


Nolte: It's time for the media to stop empowering White Supremacists. Me: So you're going to tell the cops that they can arrest Antifa, radical leftist groups hounding people, and online censors? They're the Whtie Supremacists in the group.


Fellow whites you mean.


"As a child of the seventies and eighties, we looked at white supremacists as what they truly are: a bunch of losers, as jokes, as punchlines, as uncool."

The absolute state of kikebart "journalism"; subject-verb disagreement. Who is the "we" referred to in this sentence? Nolte.

Big brain on this one.

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