Barack Obama is proving with the purchase of a $15 million home on Martha's Vineyard that he knows Global Warming is a hoax.

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Obunghole: "How many houses do you need? How much money is enough"?.....just another demonrat hypocrite. He has a taste of Elitism, and now he is hooked for life!


Is anyone with half a brain surprised by this? Environmental Catastrophe in general, and Global Warming is particular have always been a means to get the citizens to cede power and wealth to central government.

Obama doesn't practice what he preaches, because he's not the kind of man he's preaching to. He's Elite. Now go turn your thermostats up to 88, eco-cucks.


The main question the article doesn't answer is WHERE did Barak Obama get $15 million to buy the estate? He's never had a real job... Community Organizer, a few months as Senator, then President of the United States... doesn't add up to $15 Million.


I've fished the same landmarks here on Long Island - bridges, railroad trestles, piers and bulkheads - for over 50 years. The tide lines are unchanged. End of story.

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