Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) continues to lie by claiming that President Donald Trump called neo-Nazis in Charlottesville "very fine people."

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And the media doesn't jump on her Fake News tweets like they would if Trump makes a typo. Remember how the Fake News people when crazy over Covfefe?


'Course he was totally wrong about there being any fine people on the left. The best human capital the left can offer is useful idiots.

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2019-39-Su 05:39:07 pm

'Course he was totally wrong about there being any fine people on the left. The best the left can offer is useful idiots.


The left are blant liars, more news at 11.


That despicable dumb whore needs to go.


3 points.

1) Trump did not call Nazi's very fine people. He was making a point that not everyone at the rally was a Nazi.

2) Kamala Harris is a racist

3) The Charlottesville protesters that Kamala Harris supports showed up without a permit and were using make shift flame throwers on the people who had a permit. Kamala Harris is OK with using flame throwers on people as long as those people have the skin color she hates.


A tissue of lies has been woven around this event.

A majority of those at Charlottesville weren't "neo-Nazis", if that even means anything. At this point it just means having pro-white views or a belief that white people have a right to continue to exist at all. And we all know how fond the left are of shouting "Nazi" at anyone who even slightly deviates from their worldview.

"Neo-Nazi" is just a boogeyman at this point, rather than a belief system that anyone genuinely subscribes to.

All I know is that 1 chick ended up dead, 1 guy ended up in jail, and Richard Spencer fucked the "conservative, traditionalist Catholic" Rebel Media journalist, Faith Goldy.


I wasn't surprised that one of the aggressive left ended up dead after I saw one of the videos from early in the day where a "peaceful" "anti-hate" protesters was using a makeshift flame thrower on the people who had a permit to be there.


Charlottesville was a travesty of police work, judicial corruption, Jew News & political bolshevism. The right was right, very fine people & Kamala is a socialist, globalist shill.


Dope smoker Kamala should exhale once in a while.


she does so b/c she's an evil Cunt

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