WASHINGTON (AP) — A growing number of Republican senators say they oppose holding an impeachment trial, a sign of the dimming chances that former

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Wow! How many errors in one short paragraph:

[Trump’s supporters invaded the Capitol (Trump supporters were at the Capital, but it is still unproven this was not an invasion by third party actors, members of antifa for example) and interrupted the electoral count (The only reason is counting was halted was those who invaded the building) as he falsely claimed (there is no 'false' about it) there was massive fraud in the election (highly documented) and that it was stolen by Biden. (QED) Trump’s claims were roundly rejected in the courts, (Without ever reviewing the evidence - no so roundly) including by judges appointed by Trump, and by state election officials (Which officials allowed violations of state election laws).]


Thats funny.Voting t remove someone who has left? thats nuts. Dems. , if you hope to not see a coup, hat happened Tripoli,what cheapened n Egypt when hundreds did sa coup> one leader removed, one chased out of the country.The Ukraine, where a president was removed not by vote bu by an armed insurection.Then chase out of h e country like France removed their royalty and guillotined them,like he Boshivic revolution,where the royal family was killed and communism replaced them>See what I mean.If that was an insurrection,they would have removed those congress people by force,and the supreme court and white house. and held new elections. Right now people are still willing to take this stupidity. Keep it up and we will have a short second civil union.O revolutionaries, as some would say.If trump did anything he calmed people down, when he said we needed to follow law and order.That could change thogh at any moment.Impeach a popular president who left office with a comparatively high approval rate, over 52%, higher than bush 2, or even Obama{one was in he 30's oe at round 42 approval}If you try to keep him from ever running again,..the picture,and your future will be bleak.I hope you are smart and move on.Weall love freedom,we all want justice, and we all like free speak.We ought to say just america,a nation that is untited against any commo enemy. This hatred is creating our divided nation. That and beuroracy.


This just in: GOP Senators have discovered that most former Republicans think they’re slimy, lying swamp traitors.

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