In a rare confirmation, the Israel Defense Forces acknowledged striking Iranian targets in Syria to prevent a “pending, large-scale attack of multiple killer drones on Israel.” | Israel / Middle East

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OK; the kidding around is pretty much over. I hope Israel nukes Iran. They will be doing a great service to the world!


Why don't I believe them? 🤔


Anyone who doesn't automatically assume Israel is lying when it comes to this stuff is kind of an idiot.

Off the top of my head: Israel probably saw an opportunity to prolong the chaos in Syria and went for it. Then they announce it as loudly as possible to make sure the subservient Western media megaphone repeats the claims of a drone plot and contaminates the narrative.

I'm open to seeing proof from the Israelis that the drone plan was real, though, but on the condition that it isn't in the form of giant cartoon bomb drawings.


To think, American liberal Jews support the Democrat party, who supports IRAN in all this, and definitely NOT Israel. How any Jew can vote Democrat is beyond me.


That's a shame, better luck next time.

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